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In dragon country,
Quiet and proud,
In the valleys and river mouths,
Tucked-in terraced little towns,
Not nestled, but hunkered down.
Above them, the tips,
Once ash and slag,
With charcoal trees on rocky crags,
Turned speckled green like forests old,
Now pit is quiet and furnace cold.
And left behind,
The men who dug,
Drink liquid fire in smokeless pubs,
And in voices that almost sing,
Tell dragon tales til last bell rings.
And I to London,
Must turn my feet,
Trade green valleys for city streets.
Through concrete castles I will roam,
Til dragon country calls me home.
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Mature content
Bloodsucker :iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 9 6
Ernie and Errol by MetalMagpie Ernie and Errol :iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 1 5 Grenadine by MetalMagpie Grenadine :iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 3 6
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Unstoppable - Part 2 :iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 5 8
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Hello, hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello.
Is that you behind the door?
I haven't known you round this way,
since many years before.
Hello, hello, hello.
I can hear you by the sink.
I'd offer you a cup of tea,
if you had lips to drink.
Hello, hello, hello.
I thought you might drop by.
You always loved these barn-storm nights,
when lightning cracks the sky.
Hello, again, hello.
In the draft I feel your touch.
It does me good to know you're near,
and hurts me just as much.
Hello, my dear, hello.
We shared such postcard bliss.
It cracked like lightning on that night.
A dark night just like this.
Hello, a soft hello.
A nothing sort of fight.
I dashed a plate against the wall.
You stormed into the night.
Hello, my love, hello.
I hoped that you'd come back.
By wind-blown door I kept my watch,
and felt my still heart crack.
Hello, a long hello.
The years have left their mark.
My hands are cold; my eyes grow weak.
I'm left here in the dark.
Sit down and say hello.
I'll go pour that cup of tea.
I haven't lo
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Percy by MetalMagpie Percy :iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 0 5 Gimbal by MetalMagpie Gimbal :iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 8 24
Writing Process Tips
This tutorial isn't about how to create a great story. It's about the actual process of writing. The Oxford Dictionary defines "process" as "a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end". I define it as "how you get stuff done".
The best advice I think anyone can ever give you about your writing process is to figure out what works for you. Some writers love to lay down commandments such as "thou shall not have a TV in your writing room" and insist that following their rules is the only path to success. But everyone is different and every writer works differently.
That said, while developing my own writing process (a task that is still ongoing), I've often found it helpful to try out advice from other writers. So here are five things that I personally find helpful as part of my writing process. Maybe at least one of them will be helpful to someone else.
1. Write down ideas
If you're like me, you have more ideas for s
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Mature content
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The Council - Part 2 :iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 6 6
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Flint by MetalMagpie Flint :iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 3 7
Mature content
Hunter :iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 26 27
Camden Town
Camden Town is a joyous riot.
Girls with studded boots and spiked hair. Men standing by racks of colourful plastic and cloth. The fact the merchandise is fake doesn't make it any less splendid. By the station, a man waits in a Spiderman outfit with a plastic police helmet tucked under his arm. He watches a black guy with a bouncy walk go past, proclaiming god's love to anyone who wants to listen.
I turn off the main road and take shelter in more contemplative streets. Regent's Canal smells of still water as I cross it. Six canal boats doze side by side, like lions on the Savannah. Opposite slumbers a three story monster - scarlet paint and decked out in Chinese lanterns. It's a restaurant in disguise.
I enter Regent's Park and sit down on a bench with a lip gloss stuck in the seat. I have a Sainsburys sandwich, still chilled from the cooler cabinet. A man with a heavy coat and a glorious black beard picks up cigarette butts, checking if there's any life left in them. A jogger goes past
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Always welcome!
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Hello! :handshake: I was just reading here: about you and your work, and I will have a look at your gallery as soon as I have time to! :nod: Enjoy the day!
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